Universal Cutting Plug-in for Perfect Print & Cut

Cutting Software CoCut Professional
Cutting Software CoCut Professional
Recommended for:
- Professional Signmakers
- Screen printers
- Textile signage
- Booth builder

What's new in Version 2017?

Plug-in 1: CorelDRAW X8, 2017 - 2019 - Cuts directly from the vector graphics program CorelDRAW
Plug-in 2: CorelDesigner - For the first time in CoCut
Plug-in 3: Illustrator CC - Cuts directly from the vector-based graphics and drawing program Adobe Illustratorr
Plug-in 4: InDesign CC - Cuts directly from the professional layout and typesetting program Adobe InDesign
Plug-in 5: AutoCAD 2017 - 2019 - Cuts directly from the CAD program AutoCAD from AutoDesk
New: Weeding frame with advanced settings
New: Trimming / Open Trimming (Welding options)
New: Drawing tools (Ellipse, Square, Line)
Product Information

Perfect Cut Mark Workflow

CoCut Pro recognizes the common Cut Marks for optical sensors and supports all known contour systems, e. g. Summa (OPOS), Mimaki (OPAAL), GCC (AAS), Roland, Mutoh, Graphtec.

Its Cut Mark Toolbar assembles all tools that are necessary for a professional Print & Cut workflow with contouring, multi copies and cutting plotter specific registration mark creation. Step by step you prepare a Print & Cut job in your host program and pass it - in order to get it out directly - to CoCut's output module.

Cut Mark Workflow Toolbar in CorelDRAW

For most professional requirements our CoCut is the best choice because it transforms your familiar illustration program into a professional cutting application.

Its advanced welding functions make multicolored graphics immediately cuttable. With it, CoCut Professional is the ideal tool for signage and Print & Cut workflows of all kinds.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Includes all CoCut Standard tools
  • 1 Click Export - Exports cutting data such as CMX (CorelDRAW) or PDF (Illustrator, InDesign) into a hotfolder
  • Visual file manager
  • Cut by color with registration marks
  • Bitmap contouring
  • 7 CoCut own welding options directly in CorelDRAW, Illustrator and InDesign useable
  • Sophisticated segmentation of ultra large plots
  • Displays material consumption
  • Vinyl optimization
  • Weeding helps (Lines, Frames)
  • PhotoCut
  • Multiple cutters are configurable and can be driven simultaneously on one computer
Regmarks window with Plot Manager
Possible Host Programs:
- CorelDRAW* X3-X8 and 2017-2019
- CorelDesigner*
- Adobe Illustrator* 8-CS6, CC
- Adobe InDesign* CS4-CS6, CC
- AutoCAD* 2002 / 2002LT - 2019 / 2019LT
- Inkscape
System Requirements:
- Windows* 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 Bit)
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