Cutting Plug-in for Inkscape

Cutting software CoCut Starter
Cutting software CoCut Starter
Recommended for:
- Signmaker
- Facility Manager
- Smart Savers
- Hobbyists and model builders

What does the Starter 2017?

Plug-in only for Inkscape - cuts directly from the free of charge vector graphic software Inkscape
SVG import using Inkscape
Output module analogical to Standard limited to 1 cutter
Upgrade entitlement for CoCut Standard or Professional
Selected, marketable driver equipment
Professional support
Product Information

CoCut Starter lets you get started into the signmaking business with minimal means. Even those who want to cut only on a hobby basis, now have the opportunity to build up an inexpensive cutting System. CoCut's cutter selection ensures, that enough suitable plotter can be found on the current market or second-hand.

The Updgrade entitlement to the two more powerful versions allows a switch at any time.

In contrast to applications with many cutters supplied free with CoCut Starter you set on a future-proof, powerful and most importantly, expandable cutting software. With CoCut you can rely on 25-year-EUROSYSTEMS experience.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Cutting with preview window
  • Direct cutting - without window - before output on the cutter
  • Cut by color
  • Multiple cutting - Option to cut easier thick and resistant materials
  • Duplicate, position, scale objects, ...
  • Test drive
  • Cutting modes and tools can be selected in the device driver
  • Output size can be calibrated to compensate inaccuracies of the cutter
  • Sophisticated segmentation of ultra large plots
  • Vinyl optimization
  • Weeding help (Lines, Frames)
CoCut Starter Toolbar
Cutting preview with toolbars
Possible Host Programs:
- Inkscape
System Requirements:
- Windows* 7, 8, 10 (32 or 64 Bit)
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